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       Fat Reduction & Body
       Contouring Treatment
Oral Medication
Diet & Exercise Advice

Our doctor believes in a holistic approach to weight management through a balanced combination of proper diet, exercise, medication and new weight loss treatments. An in-depth discussion will be carried out to discuss patient’s lifestyle and to determine the targeted weight loss.  After a successful reduction in the overall weight, advanced weight loss treatments can be recommended to obtain that finer touches of body contouring and body sculpting to create that desired sleek and slender silhouette.

Body Mass Index (BMI) uses an individual’s height and weight to determine whether that individual is within / outside the normal weight range.  A person with a BMI of over 22.9 (Asian standards) can be considered overweight, and therefore, can seek treatment to make themselves feel and look better.  Beside vanity reasons, losing weight can also be motivated bymedical / health reasons (which is even more important)! Many studies have shown that an overweight person does not and cannot fully enjoy his / her lifestyle.  Often times, even daily activities like walking can prove to be a challenge.  Even worse, it can lead to serious medical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease. 

New revolutionary weight loss treatments:

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